America in Wartime

Musing of a millennial inspired by Jessica Williams By Arielle Cruz Jessica Williams said, in the middle of her comedy performance in Statler Hall, that our generation has grown up in wartime. That’s a kind of old timey phrase, “wartime.” It makes you think back to the ’30s, and rations, and women and children smudged with dirt, going to the factories for work to make weapons and appliances. It reminds me of films I watched in high school history that are nameless in my memory, but seemed to feature a lot of white haired men repeating the phrase “wartime.” Regardless … Continue reading America in Wartime


21st century america’s piece de resistance


Katana-cut cheekbones, glazed hollow eyes, shimmering purple-gray under eye bags — no, I’m not talking about Johnny Depp circa the Winona Ryder days. I’m talking about Kris Kidd, the “Wi-Fi obsessed wild child always on the hunt for his next fix,” as put by the LA Canvas. He is the 21st-century American pièce de résistance, or at least a really good appetizer — not that he would eat anything anyway.

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