The IC Comedy Network

An interview with Ithaca College’s own comedy duo By Alyssa Berdie Online comedy networks such as CollegeHumor, Funny or Die, and Above Average are becoming hubs for great comedy content and breeding grounds for discovering new talent. For instance, many hit series on major networks, like Key & Peele and Broad City, began as independent web series. The Internet, social media marketing, and free video uploading and streaming have increased the popularity of web series. These factors have paved the way for comedians to create great content that audiences want, without the need of financing from a major studio or television … Continue reading The IC Comedy Network

The Under-appreciated Ithaca Karaoke Scene

an interview with DJ Dale



             For almost seven years, one man has brought karaoke to countless Ithaca bars for the enjoyment of the drunken masses. His name is Dale Harrington, but many know him simply as DJ Dale. Over the years, Dale has expanded his DJ and karaoke business into a successful lineup of shows Monday through Thursday, adding a bit of musical entertainment to Ithaca’s nightlife. I explore how he started. Continue reading “The Under-appreciated Ithaca Karaoke Scene”

America’s One-Stop-Shop Education System



Spring is nascent in the Ithaca air. The sun is finally peeping out of its hiding place; blue pockets of sky are beginning to poke holes in the gray winter clouds; stubborn snow is melting away from the grass, the trees, and the cars.

We all know this springtime feeling, but it is never complete without the cherry on top: Course Registration. Continue reading “America’s One-Stop-Shop Education System”