Understanding the Sound and the Fury

an outsider’s look into the mythical world of the sorority rush


Before I got to college, I couldn’t understand why anyone who wasn’t a “girly-girl” would join a sorority. The stereotype of prissy, Jewish American Princesses who slept on fluffy pink comforters and wore Juicy tracksuits everywhere was far too engrained in my head—by the media, and god knows what else[1]—for me to possibly imagine any alternative.

And then I came to Cornell. Continue reading “Understanding the Sound and the Fury”

Cayuga Conservationism and the Beavers of England


At this point in the semester, Cornellians have seen quite a few deer—grazing in their backyards, scampering across the Arts quad, wandering around the plantations. Cornell boasts an incredible amount of wildlife, in no small part due to the work of activists who look after local animal populations. Ithaca is so blessed with picturesque natural areas, that one can almost forget the history of our society’s failure to responsibly preserve natural beauty and care for its wildlife. Continue reading “Cayuga Conservationism and the Beavers of England”

Lulu is Fucked Up, Let Us Count the Ways


Lulu, self-dubbed the “first-ever app for girls,” allows women to rate men that they know by syncing the app with their Facebook accounts and categorizing them as “ex-boyfriend, crush, together, hooked-up, friend, or relative.” In a multiple-choice quiz, women compartmentalize the dude in question by his sexual capability, appearance, personality, and a range of miscellany—from cooking skills to his sense of humor. The answers to these questions are amalgamated into a one-through-ten rating system. At the end of the quiz, girls can sort through an array of pre-written hashtags that range from complimentary (#4.0GPA) to sexual (#KinkyInTheRightWays), cautionary (#TotalF***ingDickhead) to random (#GrowsHisOwnVegetables). Continue reading “Lulu is Fucked Up, Let Us Count the Ways”