Sitting on the Couch

Excerpts from a chat about co-ops at Cornell By Nate Coderre and Aurora Rojer   Nate: I’m not sure what the format is going to end up being. Do we keep it a dialogue? Or an interview with pointed questions? Aurora: I’m not sure it matters. As long as we hit all of the points. How did you find out about the Co-ops? Nate: I guess… Hmmm…. So my second half of freshman year, my friendship group got kind of splintered. So I was worried, and I didn’t know what my living situation was going to be like. Me and … Continue reading Sitting on the Couch


a selection of first-person accounts


As strange as it may sound to all you bio majors and engineers, the determining factor for my choosing Cornell was its theatre department.

Now, before I continue, I do have to mention that my other option for college was Johns Hopkins, which, despite its incredible writing program (another thing I was interested in), only offered a theatre minor. And, as I wanted to major in both English and Theatre, I knew that any place that just offered me a minor was not going to cut it.

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kitsch: How did you find yourself working in the Cornell English Department?

Masha Raskolnikov: I’ve now been here 12 years, which is such a long time. I was a grad student at Berkeley, and there was a job list, and in those days, it was fairly plausible to apply for 10 jobs, and have a reasonable chance of getting one of them. It was really thrilling to actually get the job, and I spent the first few years here pretty sure they had made a terrible mistake. But I feel like that’s how most women feel when they get put into any position of something resembling authority, or accolades. You feel like “I managed to fool them once, but they’ll figure it out soon.”


Four Collegetown Bars

and their corresponding emotional breakdowns



Life has been rough on you: your prelims have beaten you down like a gang of French Nationalist skinheads encountering a vaguely ethnic guy, your roommates have all just landed better internships than you, and most pressingly, you haven’t gotten laid in literally forever. Like, so long that your condoms (or, for inclusivity’s sake, dental dams) have actually expired. But, in the prophetic words of R. Kelly, it’s the freakin’ weekend, baby, and you’re about to have you some fun. This means alcohol. Continue reading “Four Collegetown Bars”

The Haunting in Ithaca

Cornell’s most notorious spooks


It is likely that, at least once, you have found yourself locked away and alone on a Saturday night while immersed in a scary movie. After the movie ends, you find yourself exiting into the hall. You run to the bathroom. The showerhead that has been broken since the beginning of the fall semester continues to drip. A creepy kind of drip… Drip… Drip… You quickly brush your teeth and turn toward the door. Scream. Oh, wait. It’s just the lovely and semi-disturbing howls of drunken Saturday night escapades at the TCAT bus stop. Okay, back to your room. Thud. Ugh, just another night of furniture rearrangement with your friendly neighbors on the next floor up. Continue reading “The Haunting in Ithaca”