Freak Show

by Sophie Torres

The Freak Show is just a large, red and white striped tent in the middle of… well, nowhere really. It’s discreet. No posters will appear in your city announcing its presence. In fact, you get the sense that everybody keeps it “hush-hush.” So, of course, it’s all the more enticing. There is a sense of seduction lingering about the tent that seems to draw you inside; it’s strong and powerful and you feel as though your body is quite literally being sucked into the entrance. You can’t help but give in, so you inch your way inside, brushing past the flaps of the tent’s entrance. Your eyes go wide as you take in the whole new world before you… 

Come one, come all! See the wonders of the freak show for yourself! There’s an act for everybody, every member of the family, just drop your singles at the door in exchange for a ticket and walk right in—we’ve got nearly any and every act you can think of! Prepare to be amazed and let your drawers—er, I mean jaws—drop. Our freak show shines a spotlight on the beautiful horrors that you don’t see or hear about every day in your mundane little worlds. And trust me, folks, when I say we have all of that and more. Just to warm you all up before you’re shoved against the wall, metaphorically, of course, we do this show because society only sanctions the vanilla; as of now, only the ‘idea’ of sex is accepted. Desire. Intimacy. Fantasy. Eccentricity. They all remain foreign concepts. Why don’t I take a step back and say… maybe don’t buy your kids a ticket because this show is an X-rated event. So, step right up! And walk right through here…let us show you how we put the “freak” in freak show. 


You’re immediately thrust forward and invited to watch the exhibitions of the show’s various performers. All you see is rainbow. Red LED lights on the ceiling, orange dildos, yellow and green vibrators, blue lingerie and purple edible underwear. Rainbow stripes everywhere, and it isn’t just from the circus decor. What catches your eye next is two women, one on top of the other, legs intertwined and rocking against each other like waves of the ocean, if the ocean could moan. And what’s this?! You hear a loud grunt to your left, so you turn your head slightly and see a man down on his knees in a tabletop position in front of a woman who is sending him forward with thrusts of pleasure. Next, you see two men on a couch together, doing seemingly very un-couchly things, and you are unable to tell where one man’s body ends and the other begins. Lastly, you arrive at The Train Station: a group of three, two men and a woman, lined up like train cars in that order, all physically connected to each other and moving in a way not unlike that of a Newton’s Cradle.


Ushered to the next act, the mood of the room immediately transitions. It’s a bit darker and more mysterious. Black floors, black walls, black furniture, red lights, the delicious horror of it all is oh-so enticing. The Dominator and His Toy. You jump the moment you hear the crack of a whip, and you see a shirtless man wearing black dress pants pacing around a woman scantily clad in red lace lingerie and chained to a bondage wall. The man pulls a slender riding crop off the wall and traces it along the small peaks of the woman’s chest, sending shivers throughout her whole body and making her lightly bite her lip. Then he cracks down on one of the peaks, sending a sharp pain through the flesh and causing her to pull against her chains. But, then you hear her… “More, Master. Please.” The tension between them is sexy yet strong, romantic but rough. The constant push and pull between pleasure and pain, that is a select few’s fantasy.


The next act is in the rear. Of the tent, I mean. You see a woman on her hands and knees, back arched so her bottom is raised slightly higher than the rest of her body. The man utilizes her unconventional entrance to induce feelings of pure, tight bliss as she is brought to climax from the immense sensation of fullness. Don’t worry, folks, the tables will turn soon enough. You look back at the couple and witness them intentionally drowning their goodies with lube. After all, nobody likes a dry salad. 


Moving on with permission from the Ringmaster… you’re brought to The Beggar. Similar to the experience on the top of a roller coaster, you see, and hear the screams of, a woman just before climax. She begs her partner to allow her to begin her intense journey, but just after the big hump and just before she goes over the edge, the ride suddenly… STOPS! Shut down. Turned off. She is completely at her partner’s will; the only way the ride can get going again is if he turns it back on and let’s her follow the wave down. 


As your tour continues on to the next act, you see the tour ahead of you doing something quite a bit different than your own. It’s Bodies in Bulk. The ringmaster sees you gawking and chuckles, “Audience participation is encouraged but not required.” There are almost too many appendages to focus on, all of them intertwined and engaged. Like a framed and illustrated Roman orgy come to life before your eyes, a party fit for Cupid and Dionysius. 

Alright, folks, we’ve just come—to the end of our little show that is. And we do hope you’ve enjoyed your time here and that you’ve received as much as you gave to us. All types of sex are normal and legitimate, because we are all human, and sex is real. Sex is about fulfillment and it should be normal to talk with and hear about sex from partners and friends and to feel that one’s own desires are neither normal nor abnormal, but rather one or some of a multitude of preferences. Sex is everywhere! Including here at the freak show, where you were able to feast your sexy little eyes on our amazing wonders and sights of all kinds. This show, like your usual freak show, was meant to showcase the unconventional so that it may become more normalized through exposure. You’ve just witnessed the sexual empowerment movement, the show of a lifetime, the presentation of your dreams! And you were lucky enough to have a ticket for it, live and in-person. The ringmaster shuffles you along towards the exit as you realize there are still tents full of more kinky, freakish marvels [than your textbook heterosexual missionary under the covers] left to explore. With a sly wink and a crocodile smile, they say, “Now you really didn’t think I would bear it all for just a couple dollars? You know the saying: always leave them wanting more.”

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