Spring Launch Note: On Justice

This note about the mag launch was originally posted on the Facebook page:

Hello all,

We the editors of Kitsch Magazine stand in solidarity with the protestors demanding justice for the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Ahmaud Arbery. It is our responsibility to use this platform to promote action and garner support for Black-led, grassroots organizations leading the vital work that white and non-Black POC should be doing every day.

While it is a small start, we wanted to take the opportunity of our digital launch today to ask you, our readers and friends, to help in the struggle against systemic racism, police brutality, mass incarceration, and the cascading forms of violent oppression that Black people face every day in this country, especially in the midst of a pandemic that disproportionately impacts POC and low-income communities.

Here are three organizations that you can donate to:

Mutual Aid Tompkins (https://mutualaidtompkins.com/) – Local organization directly helping those most affected by covid-19: the sick, elderly, disabled, undocumented, single parents, queer, Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color, those quarantined without pay, and those limited in work.

Black Visions Collective (https://www.blackvisionsmn.org/) – Black, trans, and Queer-led social justice organization and legal fund based in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Reclaim the Block (https://www.reclaimtheblock.org/home) – Minneapolis-based organization centered on reallocating funds away from the city’s police department and toward “community-led safety initiatives.”

For every donation of $5 or more, we will send you a set of special edition kitsch postcard prints featuring art from the magazine. Please send your donation receipt and your mailing address either by Instagram direct message (@kitschmag) or by email at kitschmag.eds@gmail.com. Thank you everyone for reading and engaging in this ongoing effort together. We hope you enjoy the BLUE issue. Stay safe and stay strong.

– Anna, Annie, & the Kitsch Editorial Board

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