Songs That Can Also Double as Hexes: Thirteen songs so you can cast those spells, honeys


By Andie Chapman

1. Andromeda – Weyes Blood – Titanic Rising

Andromeda’s a big wide open galaxy / nothing in it for me except a heart that’s lazy”

“Love is calling / it’s time to let it through / find a love that will make you / I dare you to try”

This song sounds like a galaxy—Weyes Blood’s witchy voice will lift you into an ethereal state. Looking to find love? We dare you to cast this energy out into the atmosphere, and you will.

2. Indian Summer – Blood Cultures – Happy Birthday 

“I’ve been talking to you / in my dreams / I’ve been thinking of you endlessly / I hope you commit to memory / but one day you will know / I’ll have to let you go” 

This is a dream-pop hex jam. A song full of telepathic magic, you can get your energy out there. 

3. And Saints – Sleigh Bells – Kid Kruschev

“So-and-so wants to know if I’m okay / nah man, but thanks / temple throb, dust lakes / black gold, tigers, and saints / and saints”

“Tear up / tear up / gear up / stand up” 

Ever been half asleep on a rainy afternoon, contemplating the forces of life? Well, this song will bring you to that pensive state of witchy magic. 

4. Light On – Maggie Rogers – Heard It In A Past Life

“If you keep reaching out / then I’ll keep coming back / but if you’re gone for good / then I’m okay with that / if you leave the light on, /I’ll leave the light on”

Akin to burning sage, this Maggie Rogers song will lure out the lingering psychological real estate that ex-boyfriends / girlfriends / partners take up. 

Art by Zahavah Rojer

5. Sometimes – My Bloody Valentine – Loveless

Close my eyes / feel me now / I don’t know how you could not love me now”

A shoegaze classic, My Bloody Valentine drenches each guitar in an unfathomable amount of reverb. Get lost in the magic of this track and cast the message that whoever is on your mind, will love you.

6. Coffee – Beabadoobee – Coffee

Don’t stay awake for too long / don’t go to bed / I’ll make a cup of coffee for your head / I’ll get you up  and going out of bed / and I promise that one day I’ll feel fine / and I promise that one day I’ll feel alright”

A lo-fi, indie, acoustic bundle of enchanting sounds; it will bring about the visceral magic of healing somebody.

7. Pink in the Night – Mitski – Be the Cowboy

“I glow pink in the night in my room /I’ve been blossoming alone over you”

Mitski brings an energy of witchy lovesickness, and what better time of year than autumn to release this magic?

8. Hard Feelings / Loveless – Lorde – Melodrama

“Bet you wanna rip my heart out / bet you wanna skip my calls now / well guess what /I like that / ‘cause I’m gonna mess your life up / gonna wanna tape my mouth shut / look out, lovers”

The album Melodrama itself is a spellbook. This song in particular curses those awful exes.

Art by Zahavah Rojer

9. Don’t Delete The Kisses – Wolf Alice – Visions of a Life

“I look at your picture and I smile / how awful is that I’m like a teenage girl / I might as well write all over my notebook / that you rock my world / but you do, you really do / you’ve turned my upside down / and that’s okay, I let it happen / ‘cause I like having you around”

From the twinkling synth and witchy sounds to the whispered spoken-word verses, this song will transport you to the ethereal plane. 

10. Third Eye – Florence + The Machine – How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful 

“ ‘Cause there’s a hole where your heart lies / and I can see it with my third eye / and through my touch it magnifies”

Florence Welch is our beloved pop witch, and here it nearly sounds like she’s casting a spell. 

11. It’s Not Up To You – Björk – Vespertine

“If you leave it alone / it might just happen / anyway / it’s not up to you / well it never really was”

This is an icy, magical anthem of independence and serendipity. Allow it to cleanse the air.

12. Ruthless – The Marías – Superclean, Vol. II

“But darling the truth is / in darkness I’m ruthless”

Maria’s jazzy, soft voice is spellbinding, and the energy is unmistakably lovely. 

13. Get Free – Lana Del Rey – Lust For Life

“Finally / I’m crossing the threshold / from the ordinary world / to the reveal of my heart / and undoubtedly / that will for certain / take the dead out of the sea / and the darkness from the arts”

Lana’s infamous lawsuit with Radiohead was over this track, but she won, so bask in the haunting chords and otherworldly lyrics.

Art by Zahavah Rojer


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