Letter From the Editors: Fall 2019

Dear reader,


From the moment this small-sized word first fell into our laps during brainstorming to the last days of putting together this issue of kitsch, we’ve been enraptured by the idea of enchantment. The work of the artists and writers who contributed to this issue shows how, in a world full of contradictions and confusions, a sense of enchantment can always help make sense of it all.

The Fall 2019 issue creates the space to play with the ideas that enchant and bewilder us every day. In some ways, as it does in Lindsey Potoff’s transformative potions, they take the form of hexes, witches, and the like. In others, we explore the almost magical and inexplicable driving forces inherent in love, superstition, or even emergency contraception, as told in Emma Eisler’s “Jinx! You Owe Me Plan B.”

In the midst of navigating a period of fluidity regarding the future, the people we hope to be and the quest to find meaning in the everyday, Alana Sullivan’s “Methods and Materials” brings us back to the magic of childhood imagination, reminding us of the small ways we first learned to combat the dis-enchantment of disappointment, of loss, and of pain. Sometimes, our own “Methods and Materials” are merely distractions; sometimes, we don’t think they make sense. Dearest reader, rest assured: they don’t have to make sense, because they’re magic. So, whether it be through fantasy, reflection, or the warmth of friends, we hope this kitsch finds you rediscovering a small piece of forgotten enchantment in your life.

Anna and Annie

Screenshot 2020-01-09 17.12.59.png
Art by Abby Eskinder Hailu

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