Hexes for Your Exes & A Spell for Wellbeing

By Stephanie Tom

Hexes for Your Exes
a poem

May you get stung by a dozen bees,
may you get hit by a falling star;
May you trip and always scrape both knees,
May you run out of gas in your car.

Although you might think this absurd,
I hope your hand cramps during essay exams;
and when you wrack your brain for just the right word,
may you forget despite how you cram.

For every darty, I wish you Bubly, not White Claw,
and each Monday, problem sets due early at eight;
If this were an epic, hubris would be your downfall,
karma’s ruin — and honestly, I can’t wait.

May you catch your finger in the jamb of a door,
and after sushi, get a stomachache;
May you fall on your face when you land on the floor,
may you be cursed with equivalent heartbreak.

But in the end, I can’t fault you at all,
because time has never been kind;
and I’d never admit that if ever you’d call
I’d still listen, joint heart and mind.

Art by Olivia Bono


A Song of Light & Love
a sonnet

Pick wildflowers in the month of June
& preserve every fallen butterfly wing;
collect these with your dreams of spring
& gather them under the full moon.
Stir well and don’t forget to hum this tune:
“No matter what the future may bring,
may my spirits lift in love & sing
a song for joy in better days soon.”

When singing, scoop the mix into a jar
& shake until it’s glowing white.
Whisper hopes for future near & far
to preserve the sanctity of your heart’s light.
For those reading, your life’s a star —
don’t worry, tomorrow you’ll be alright.

Art by Olivia Bono

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