ode to every man who writes about love

By Sarah Chefka

I want men to stop writing about love
pretending they know how to feel
I feel more when I touch a hot iron
than you do when you climax
(because that’s what you think love is, right?)
the jolts of pain glow like creeping
tendrils of electricity smugly
breathing heat on my skin
and you still won’t eat
your lemon sour patch kids
you hate how they taste
just like you hate the way I started to taste
when I told you to stop pretending
you know how to feel because
you only know how to feel
when you’re on top of me and I
just want to tell you that
we learned not to lie in kindergarten
maybe you were absent that day
but I wish you would just grow up
and eat your lemon sour patch kids

Artwork by Olubanke Agunloye
Art by Olubanke Agunloye

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