Your Question is Pork: Andrew takes the hog for a spin through Google Translate

By Andrew Peiser



But your question is what is a hog. Stop asking me. Just get in. A four-wheeled vehicle that’ll transport you from here to heaven. Wear a harness. My hog is a-purrin. What? Your head hurts like a hundred hogs. That’s tough. My hog gleams covered in tree rot. Can you handle it—hog don’t bite, but turn ye leafmeal need be.

English to Arabic to Icelandic to English

But the question is what the pig is. Stop asking me. Just keep going. Four-wheel drive that will bring you to heaven. Wear a belt My pig is Perrin. What? Your head hurts like hundreds of pigs. It’s hard. My Guillem pig is covered with rotting trees. You can see it—pig does not wait, but turn You to the bell you need.

English to Scots-Gaelic to Luxembourgish to Chinese (Traditional) to English

But your question is like a banner. Stop me from getting it A wagon can come to heaven from here. use tools. My beans are clean. what? The head sounds like a hundred nails. This is hard. A wheelchair hangs on my rib Can you succeed? It does not change, but you have to do the page.

English to Danish to Japanese to Esperanto to Zulu to Hindi to English

But your question is pork. Please ask me, come on. A four-wheel car that takes you from here to the sky. Please use the window. What is my pig parin? Your head is painful as 100 pigs. It is difficult. I have trees in high light. Can you handle it? Not included in pigs, but please answer this book.

andrew art.png

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