Skincare: a millenial’s obsession

By Viri Garcia

I’ll just say it now: I’m a millennial and I’m obsessed with skincare. There are countless articles about our generation’s growing obsession with self-care in general. From manicures to gold sheet masks, it is true that we have not only brought self-care to life, but also suffocated it. However, when it comes to self-care, I think that it’s not only important to cover the basics, such as drinking water and sleeping in at least once every week, but that it’s just as crucial to adopt a routine that’s the perfect level of extra.

Recent generations are often accredited with becoming more emotionally intelligent and more self-aware, which has led to the self-care obsession. The internet is something that facilitates our search for more inventive, ridiculous ways to achieve self-care. Everyone has those Pinterest boards that are dedicated to recipes that will never be cooked, workouts that will never be worked, and DIY weddings that will never be DIYed. The internet is meant to be browsed alone, and with so many ideas being presented, it is natural to think of oneself when a new idea is discovered. For example, I don’t browse Pinterest for outfits and recipes for my best friend. I have Pinterest boards for myself: for the laidback, me time Saturdays that will never happen and for aesthetics I will never care enough about. The internet has become much like its own universe in that each person creates their own space on it through social media. Additionally, we get to choose what parts of that private yet public space we get to share and with whom. However, when it comes to self-care and ideas of the like, we’re selfish and it’s a cycle that repeats itself over and over again.

Annika Bjerke.png
Art by Annika Bjerke

One of my guiltiest, most extra self-care pleasures is skincare. I have a routine that I religiously follow, and I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t think it’s tacky and overdone. Funny thing is that I’m always the one with smooth skin while they think I’m extra. I will swear by using two different cleansers in the morning and before bed, as well as a mud mask on Friday nights and an exfoliator on Sunday nights. My routine is specific and there is no need for anyone to ever own two different face cleansers and three different toners, but here I am with my thriving skin. Whenever I see my dresser full of skincare products, I often wonder whether it is all necessary, and it probably isn’t. However, I know that if it weren’t for my skincare obsession, I would neglect myself, which would most likely have a negative effect on my mood and mental health. I think it’s important for everyone to choose one or a few specific self-care ideas and become a little obsessed with them. There is a certain type of satisfaction to be felt as well as a sense of accomplishment. We live in a high stress, fast-paced environment in which it becomes extremely difficult to keep ourselves in mind outside of our pinned internet ideas. Whether I get home at 8pm or 7am, I always make sure to clean my face at night. I carry a small cosmetics bag with travel size versions of my skincare products and often have to perform my nightly skincare rituals in the Klarman Hall bathroom. Whether it be skincare, manicures, owning at least ten plants, eating a balanced, homemade breakfast every morning, or drinking 60 ounces of water a day, self-care should be a part of our lives, and it yields the best results when it’s done in a slightly over- the-top way. Become obsessed with that cooking Pinterest board. Paint the things in your camera roll you always wanted to paint. Drink water. Do the New York Times crossword puzzle in its entirety every time. Be extra with self-care because it’s important to be selfish now more than ever.

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