Everyone Should be as Excited as I am for the Last Season of Pretty Little Liars: here’s five reasons why

By Aurora Rojer

1) They randomly fast-forwarded five years in the middle of last season and now everyone in the show is a grown-up.

That obviously means more sex and drugs and alcohol (excellent). But it also means that the older fans (me) don’t feel like such losers watching a TV show about high schoolers. Aria and Ezra’s “teacher’s pet” relationship looks a lot uglier from this side of adulthood, and the writers knew we wouldn’t be so into pedophilia now that we realize that, no, we were not “mature enough” at her age.

2) PLL is one of the only shows on the air that passes the Bechdel test every single episode.

You heard me right: Every Tuesday, you can watch multiple females get together and chat about things that are not boys. These ladies have more important things to worry about—namely the fucking army of stalkers who are always finding new and exciting ways to utterly destroy their lives.

3) The plot makes literally no sense, and everyone knows it.

You will NEVER guess. This saves you the stress of having to figure out what will happen next. You just sit back and enjoy the thrill. For example, Ali’s death was the mystery of the first three seasons. Turns out, she’s alive and well (and we still have no clue what the heck she was doing for those two years). Also, Ali’s trans sister who we never knew existed was the second A. Also, the fucking dollhouse. Look it up.

4) The people who write this show love their fans.

They love them so much, they read their Reddit threads and steal their ideas. Like, for example, the hated Sarah Harvey was coined by the Internet as “Shower” Harvey because she took so many showers. Shower Harvey was murdered in the shower. The Internet rejoiced.

5) PLL believes in forgiveness.

Basically every main character has done something utterly unforgivable. Mona, the original A, is basically one of the crew now. Every significant other has at one point been on the “A-team.” Hell, Spencer joined for a hot second! But all is always forgiven, because otherwise everyone would have to move to another country to find someone to bang. Also, because forgiveness is a good thing.


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