Every Line Spoken by Cho Chang in all 8 of the Harry Potter Films

Compiled by Jael Goldfine

“Two pumpkin pasties, please? Thank you.”

“Harry, erhm, watch yourself on the stairs, it’s a bit icy at the top.”


“Sorry, I didn’t catch that.”

“Oh, uhm, Harry, I’m sorry but someone’s already asked me. And, well, I’ve said I’ll go with him.“

“Harry!! I really am!! Sorry!”

“It’s Professor Trelawney!”


“Yeah, I’m okay. Anyways, it’s worth it. It’s just, learning all this, makes me wonder if he’d known it…”

“You’re a really good teacher, Harry. I’ve never been able to stun anything before!”


“What are nargles?”


“Yes, but Luna, it’s lost! For centuries now. There isn’t a person alive today whose seen it. It’s a sort of crown, you know, like a tiara.”

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